All our bean bags are plush, cozy and portable.    

They come with an outer seat cover that zips on and off for easy washing without having to empty the beans. If purchasing a bean bag chair with the 3 point safety harness for a baby under 12 months, the harness will be on this outer top layer and when removed will reveal a second layer secured underneath in the exact same colour but without the harness, now enabling it to grow with child into toddler and teen years. 

So whether you love them because they are light enough for you to move around the house keeping bub by your side at all times as you go about daily duties, or taking outdoors on picnics, throwing in the car and giving bub a safe resting place when visiting friends and grandparents ..

Pods & Sods baby bean bag chairs are the perfect way to keep your baby and the rest of your family comfortable and content.

Newborn Size Baby Bean Bag: 

Perfect for newborn babies up through toddler years.

Please Note: Large Size  
is our own exclusive design and extremely popular.

It can be purchased with or without the removable 3 point safety harness making it perfect for newborn babies right through to early teens. 

Large Size with Harness Bean Bag: 

Perfect for newborn babies up to early teen years. (The harness is recommended for all babies under 12 months)

Large Size Bean Bag:

Perfect for toddlers  right through to early teens.

Adult size Bean Bag:

Adult size is also our own exclusive design and is a popular gaming chair or just perfect for the teenagers and adults to chill out on with a book, listening to music or watching tv.

I hold a very special place in my heart for babies and all ages with special needs and do offer the adult size with a 3 point safety harness by custom order. Over the years i have received so many positive and heart warming messages and testimonials from parents, grandparents and also from nurses in cerebal palsy therapy units,  carers of epileptics, hip dysplasia & cast bubs, neonatal, palliative care units.  We LOVE being able to make a difference.

                             Other therapeutic benefits of Pods & Sods

    *         Helps to relieve Colic and Reflux Acid

For an infant with GER, an upright position after feeding is important because gravity helps keep the stomach contents down. By positioning the beans within the bean bag chair bub can rest in the perfect position which will assist in reducing reflux and the pain that comes with it. Content baby and content mummy 


Newborn babies skulls are soft and pliable and because they spend most of each day in a lying down position, it can put pressure on one part of the skull and create flat spots.  By placing bub on the bean bag chair it will help prevent this as the beans disperse and cushion around their little body.




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